Juicy Gossip Episode #50 with John & Brad

John and Brad are reunited for a special episode of Juicy Gossip! Brad has returned from Texas and the boys recap Dancing With The Stars, They chat all about Britney Spears new released memoir. Ed Kelce finally meeting Travis’s new girl. Terry Bradshaw believes that Taylor is lip syncing during her shows. The latest on Leonardo DiCaprio, OJ Simpson tells the “It is what it is” podcast that he was turned on when Taylor Swift and Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, did their secret handshake during the Chiefs-Chargers game on Sunday. John Stamos nearly dated Lori Loughlin before he met Rebecca Romijn. Katie Couric was ghosted by Bob Saget after their first and only date, plus The New York Post says Gisele Bündchen recently shared her secret to health and beauty.

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