Juicy Gossip With John & Brad (11/17/23)

John and Brad kick off their Friday by John discussing about his upcoming week off for Thanksgiving week which then flows into Holiday plans for the both of them. It’s New Music Friday, so André 3000 is on the brain after his flute album dropped. We get into how Martha Stewart has canceled Thanksgiving, Entertainment Weekly says The View’s Joy Behar doesn’t want Taylor Swift to be stuck with her “idiot” boyfriend Travis Kelce. ABC says a Taylor Swift business class will be offered by the University of Houston in the Spring of 2024. PEOPLE Magazine says Mariah Carey has unveiled her very own Barbie doll, just in time for Christmas. Snoop Dogg is giving up on smoking, Us Weekly says Brad Pitt has found solace in his relationship with Ines de Ramon. Food and Wine Magazine says Kevin Costner recently announced a partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The Daily Mail says Jamie Lynn Spears has reportedly broken ‘’I’m A Celebrity’’ protocol by refusing to participate in pre-show interviews for the reality TV series and Lizzo has opened up about her mental state and about new music.