Juicy Gossip 12/4/23

John & Brad recap their weekend and if they watched any football at all? The two chat about Christmas decorations and when they both are deciding to put them up at their respected house-holds! Page Six says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were recently spotted at a Christmas bar in Kansas City. Lamar Odom was asked about Taylor and Travis’s relationship. WOGX says the University of Florida will debut a new course in the Spring called “Musical Storytelling with Taylor Swift and Other Iconic Female Artists.” The Daily Mail says Michael B. Jordan’s $430,000 Ferrari was destroyed in a crash outside a Hollywood studio. Radar Online says Gwen Stefani is allegedly bored living on Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. OK! Magazine says Sofía Vergara has allegedly gone “man crazy” following her divorce from Joe Manganiello. Nick Cannon tells People magazine that he spends $200,000 a year taking his 12 kids to Disneyland & more!