Moist Gossip With John & Brad (6/18/24)

Somebody definitely turned the heat on today….The boys kick off your moist edition of Juicy Gossip by chatting about the weather and how hot it’s going to be the next few days. Due to the weather the boys go down memory lane and chat about if their school ever closed due to the heat, plus how John got very lucky today and why he is counting his lucky stars for this afternoon. They then get into the Gossip with includes  Whoopi Goldberg tells ABC that she ate cat treats at 2 a.m. thinking they were pretzels, Newsweek magazine says Woody Harrelson was involved in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, TV Shows Ace says Mama June and her husband, Justin Stroud, are allegedly fighting, LBBOnline says Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is lifeguarding again. The News International says Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper have a sober bromance, The Daily Mail says Ben Affleck has purchased a new Airstream RV, TMSPN says Taylor Swift is allegedly fearful that Travis Kelce’s increasing success may strain their relationship and OK! Magazine says Sandra Bullock has been leaning on Jennifer Aniston since the passing of her boyfriend, Bryan Randall that & more on this HOT edition on Juicy Gossip!