Juicy Gossip With John & Brad (7/8/24)


John & Brad talk about their weekend and what went down and how there are people on their timelines on social media complaining about wanting snow, Is Brad one of them? He forgets that it’s July… The boys then chat about lemonade chugging contest that happened before the big show on the fourth of July. John finds out something that he didn’t know about Brad in the almost five years working together.  The two then get into the Juicy Gossip that happened over the weekend which includes the news about Margot Robbie, JT is partnering with Tiger Woods, what’s Steve-O up to now plus is Hailey Welch’s 15 minutes of fame up? The two then chat about Tobey Maguire and John throws shade at Brad for playing video games and finally Danny Trejo broke his silence after he was involved in a fight on Independence Day!